GFS aircraft leave for Sichuan

A Government Flying Service (GFS) Super Puma helicopter departed for Sichuan on May 23 to provide assistance in the rescue and quarantine work.  It was supported by a Jetstream-41 fixed-wing aircraft which left for Sichuan on the same day, carrying equipment and materials necessary for the operation of the helicopter.

Before the departure of the helicopter, the Permanent Secretary for Security, Ms Chang King-yiu, encouraged the crew to do their best in the mission.

Upon arrival at Sichuan, the helicopter will be taken over by the GFS officers already deployed there to assist in the rescue and quarantine work.  The crew delivering the Super Puma helicopter and the Jetstream aircraft crew will return to Hong Kong on the Jetstream aircraft on the same day, while an additional aircraft engineer will join the team already deployed at Sichuan.


Source: GovHK (