SHA inspects district minor works in Tai Po

Accompanied by the District Officer of Tai Po, Mr Eddie Poon, Mr Tsang toured the Tai Po Community Centre to better understand the improvement project in the centre. Funded by District Minor Works programme of the Tai Po District Council, the project comprises both exterior and interior renovation works and installation of an audio-visual system.

Mr Tsang said that in light of the financial tsunami, all the districts would actively carry out minor works projects to improve community facilities as well as to create employment opportunities. An example is the installation of LED panel at the exterior wall of the Tai Po Community Centre to provide district-related and other useful information such as weather conditions. With the concerted effort of various parties, the work will be advanced to begin in 2009.

The total cost of the improvement works at the Tai Po Community Centre is about $6.2 million. It is expected that the project will be completed by mid-2009 and local community and organisations will be able to enjoy better facilities.

The Tai Po District Council has so far endorsed 47 District Minor Works projects with a total construction cost of more than $29 million. The types of works include beautification of community environment and improvement of leisure and cultural facilities, such as renovation of Tai Po’s welcome sign; installation of permanent lighting decoration; provision of sitting-out areas, rain-shelters and seats; and renovation of community facilities.

The Home Affairs Department will co-operate with the District Councils and work closely with relevant government departments to expedite the implementation of the District Minor Works projects in 18 districts, to improve community facilities and creating more job opportunities.

Mr Tsang visited the Lam Tsuen Wishing Square this afternoon where he was briefed on the development plan of the square. Mr Tsang also visited the dawn market in front of the Tai Po Rural Committee to learn about the operation of the pilot scheme. The dawn market allows local villagers to sell self-cultivating farm products, while at the same time preserves the characteristics of traditional marketplaces.

The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing (second left), visits the renovation works at Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po.
The Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Tsang Tak-sing (second left), visits the renovation works at Tin Hau Temple in Lam Tsuen, Tai Po.

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