CE shares photo-taking experiences with students

The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, March 14 joined a group of enthusiastic student photographers and their teachers at a photo-taking activity at Government House.

To coincide with the azalea season, the Government Youth Portal, Youth.gov.hk, organised a "Photo-op at Government House" for secondary school students the day before the Government House Open Day.

Upon their arrival at Government House in the morning, the 60 visiting students and teachers were first briefed on the programme by Head of the Efficiency Unit Ms Kitty Choi. Led by the Chief Executive, they then toured the ballroom and the garden and admired the colourful azaleas in full bloom.

Sharing his photo-taking experiences with the students and teachers, the Chief Executive encouraged them to be creative and explore the interesting aspects of daily life.

Invitations were sent out by Youth.gov.hk to all secondary schools in February. Owing to the overwhelming response, lots were drawn to determine the 20 participating schools out of the 93 that applied. The photos taken by the participants, including the Chief Executive, and highlights of the event will be featured in the Uth Studio section of the Youth.gov.hk website in early April for people to share the joy of the occasion.

Youth.gov.hk is a portal that provides online services for young people. Apart from special features on a variety of topics, there is also detailed information on interest classes as well as arts and cultural activities. Visit the website (www.youth.gov.hk) to learn more.

Mr Tsang captures the beauty of the flowers in full bloom with his own camera.
Mr Tsang captures the beauty of the flowers in full bloom with his own camera.

Source: GovHK (www.gov.hk)