Film industry contributes to Hong Kong's international image and economy

The press conference, held by the HKFDC Secretariat at the Festival de Cannes, was part of the events to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hong Kong films.  The event aimed at showcasing the abundant experience and talent Hong Kong possesses in film production, along with the  services available in facilitating foreign film crews to shoot in Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong film talent has been well-recognised internationally. Over 300 awards in international film events in the past 10 years, including achievements and participation in the Festival de Cannes, speak for themselves. Alongside our close ties with Mainland China, our magnificent harbour and vibrant cityscape, I have no doubt that friends from all over the world would love to collaborate with our film industry and come to Hong Kong as one of their favourite filming locations," said Mrs Lau.

Also speaking at the press conference, the Chairman of the HKFDC, Mr Jack So, introduced to the press the large-scale promotional project, "Hong Kong Film New Action", rolled out at the end of last year by the HKFDC to expand Hong Kong's film market.

"Under this initiative, the HKFDC conducted a series of business talks with the distributors, investors and filmmakers in Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan to encourage co-operation, co-investment and co-productions with Hong Kong film companies," said Mr So, adding that the initiative also aims to promote Hong Kong's new generation film directors, and 33 of them had joined the project to explore filming opportunities.

Another speaker at the press conference, the Vice Chairman of HKFDC and the Convenor of HKFDC's Mainland Market Committee, Mr Peter Lam, further explained how the Hong Kong film industry benefited from the "Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement" (CEPA) between Mainland China and Hong Kong.

"Hong Kong-Mainland co-productions are treated as domestic productions for the purpose of distribution. This enables the co-productions to enjoy a more significant profit sharing than that from a straight imported Hong Kong film," said Mr Lam, in addition to other concessions under CEPA, such as quota-free import and zero tariff on copies of approved co-production film prints processed in Hong Kong and re-entering the Mainland. He invited overseas film companies to collaborate with Hong Kong companies under CEPA to tap the growing Mainland film market.

The press conference was highlighted by Mr Tony Leung, Hong Kong's renowned actor and the Ambassador of Entertainment Expo Hong Kong. As a major contributor to the development of Hong Kong films, Mr Leung talked about the unique style and content of Hong Kong films which evolved from the blending of Chinese traditional culture, newly acquired Western culture and the local Cantonese dialect. "Building on this solid ground, Hong Kong's film industry is ready to embrace the age of innovation technology and to seize the opportunities brought along by new media," said Mr Leung.

Apart from holding the press event, the HKFDC has collaborated with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and set up a Hong Kong Pavilion in the International Village at the Festival de Cannes to promote, among others, "Hong Kong Film New Action" and the all-round services rendered by the Hong Kong Government to local and overseas filming projects.

Mrs Lau, together with the Hong Kong film industry delegation, holding a press conference in Cannes.
Mrs Lau, together with the Hong Kong film industry delegation, holding a press conference in Cannes.

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